Curates 2021: Plan Your Most Impactful Year Ever

Our Curated Auctions give our community the once-in-a-lifetime experiences and exclusive items they’re looking for all year round, to bring you the unrestricted funds you need to generate vital impact. For each Curated theme, the Charitybuzz team develops and executes specialized marketing strategies to drive maximum engagement and ultimately raise the most for you. Our Account Management team is ready to make this your biggest fundraising year yet, so reach out now to start planning.


Travel Tuesdays

Every Tuesday we feature new and exciting travel experiences in our most popular emails!

Capitalizing on the publicity and excitement surrounding the biggest sporting events throughout the year, Charitybuzz is instituting new monthly sports auctions. Follow our calendar to submit your specific sports experiences and take advantage of our targeted marketing. With more bids per lot and higher sell prices, your fundraising will score!

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We're waiting to hear from you and help out as much as possible in brainstorming ideas and creating auctions to help you raise more funds, NOW.

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The Charitybuzz 2021 Curated


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2021 Curated Themes

Plan out your entire year with themes that touch our most popular categories. Click any theme for more information on how to submit!

2020 Curates at a Glance 

2020 was a difficult year. Despite large-scale events being canceled, the decline in travel, and other challenges, we were still able to raise top dollars for our non-profit partners. Below is a summary of the 2020 Curates results. We're excited to amplify that impact with you for 2021.



Participating Organizations Per Campaign


Unique Participating Organizations 


Dollars Raised 


Experience: Signed Guitar From the Legendary Slash

Memorabilia lot exceeding the goal

Experience: Virtual Cooking Class with Chef José Andrés

Food + Wine Experience exceeding the goal

Below are a few examples of good inventory from last year's curated collections that you can use to get you thinking about this year.

Experience: Virtual Meet-and-Greet with Kenan Thompson

Virtual Experience exceeding the goal

2020 Highlights

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Our partner, The Gavel Group, is the nation's largest producer of charity auctions. Being severely impacted by the pandemic, they turned to us to amplify their fundraising efforts during this time.

"Charitybuzz has been a Godsend for our clients, as the site’s international audience has continued to support charities through their bidding throughout these challenging times. Without Charitybuzz, many of our charity partners would be forced to curtail services to those they serve."

The proof is in the pudding

2021 Sports Themes

FILLER COPY: Travel is a consistently popular category throughout the year. In 2020, we will feature a weekly Travel Tuesday promotion highlighting your exciting travel experiences on a special page on the site. With weekly marketing support, Charitybuzz is now the travel destination for our bidders! 


View all 2021 Sports ThemesPlan your 2021 now!

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2021 Sports Themes

During the year, we promote collections of sports experiences & memorabilia to align with the year's top sporting events.

Travel Tuesdays

Every week, Charitybuzz markets our top travel packages to an engaged audience seeking exclusive vacation opportunities.

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